Speech and Language Therapy

The ability to communicate effectively is essential for social growth, learning and behavior management.  Speech-Language Therapists provide children with the tools needed to become effective communicators.  Working as a team, the family and therapist will develop an individualized intervention plan designed to provide a successful experience for the child.

Communicating with Our World

Every child grows and develops at his or her own pace. Sometimes, additional help is needed in order for your child to reach developmental milestones. The earlier a challenge is addressed, the better the future success for your child.

Speech therapy focuses on a child’s ability to communicate with others as well as oral motor and feeding difficulties. Children communicate through many different methods as they grow and learn, from pointing to using words. The inability to communicate our needs and desires often leads to using attention-seeking or negative behaviors, poor social skills and difficulty engaging with family and others. Children with these challenges may benefit from intervention with a Speech Therapist. Our therapists incorporate instruction and play-based activities to increase your child’s self-confidence and communication skills.

Would My Child Benefit from Speech Therapy?

Children with the following issues or concerns may benefit from speech therapy at PNE:

  • Developmental delays/delayed milestones
    Visit Developmental Checklist to track milestones
  • Child has excessive drooling, seems to have weak oral/facial muscles
  • Child uses fewer words than peers of similar age
  • Child is difficult to understand
  • Becomes frustrated when you do not understand what he/she wants
  • Has difficulty following simple directions
  • Child has difficulty playing with others
  • Child has lost skills they once had, i.e. no longer uses words they had when younger

If you have concerns or feel your child would benefit from speech therapy, please contact our office to schedule an evaluation for your child. 

If your child is between the ages of birth to three, our therapists would be happy to provide services in your home or daycare through Indiana’s First Steps program. Please visit the First Steps website https://indianafirststeps.org/ or call (260) 444-2994 to refer your child for a free evaluation. Outpatient therapy at PNE is also available for children in this age group, if preferred.

Find out if your child is on target to meet milestones: