Resources for Families

It can be extremely difficult trying to navigate the maze of resources and programs that may be available to assist your child/family. At PNE, our administrative team makes it a priority to keep abreast of local, state, and national resources to support and serve families. If you have a need or desire to learn more, please inform your therapist. Our team would love to assist in any way possible.

Family Voices Indiana

Family Voices Indiana’s goal is to assist parents and caregivers with obtaining information, training, services and support related to the care of your child with special needs. They are a “one stop shop” designed to provide you with a multitude of information. A visit to their website is always a good starting point to learn more about services available for your child.

Medicaid Waiver Services

The Medicaid Waiver Program is funded through federal and state Medicaid dollars and administered by the Indiana Division of Developmental Disabilities and Rehabilitation Services (DDRS). Eligibility for the program is based solely on the child’s level of functioning as it relates to his/her life impacting disability,

not family income. The term “waiver” is utilized to indicate that family income does not affect eligibility.

Speak to a member of our team or visit the state website to learn more, To apply, call the Fort Wayne office, Bureau of Developmental Disability Services (BDDS) at 260-423-2571.

Benefits of Medicaid Waiver Services

  • Your child becomes eligible for Medicaid which covers co-pays and deductibles for medical care, therapy, and treatments such as ABA.
  • Additional services are available for your child. Services may include music therapy, recreation therapy, behavior management, and respite care, and additional options.
  • Medicaid may be used to access speech, occupational and physical therapy for your child.
  • Families will have access to a Case Manager to assist with coordinating services.

Children’s Special Health Care Services (CSHCS)

Children’s Special Health Care Services is an income-based insurance program provided by the State of Indiana available to children with specific diagnoses, including Autism Spectrum Disorder. CSHCS covers services that are related to the child’s qualifying condition. Visit the website for specific diagnoses, income guidelines, coverage and applications

Benefits of CSHCS

  • CSHCS may pick up the balance of medical bills for treatment related to the qualifying condition.
  • CSHCS may cover outpatient therapy sessions beyond those allowed by private insurance plans that limit the number/type of visits per year.
  • CSHCS may cover up to a $10,000 lifetime maximum for ABA services. This is extremely valuable for qualifying families that have high deductible private insurance plans.
  • CSHCS may assist with equipment needs not covered by private insurance/Medicaid

United Healthcare Children’s Foundation Medical Grants

The UHC Children’s Foundation provides medical grants to assist families with accessing medical care for their child. The child must be under sixteen years of age and covered under a commercial insurance policy (typically through a parent’s employer). There are liberal financial guidelines for eligibility. A UHC grant may be accessed to assist families with meeting deductibles and co-pays for ABA services as well as other medical care needs. Visit the UHC website for additional information and application,

Supplemental Security Income (SSI)

SSI is administered by the Social Security Office. SSI provides the child with a monthly check that must be used to provide for the child’s care. Eligibility is based on the child’s disability and parent income. For more information visit the Social Security website,


INSOURCE is a “parent helping parents” program to assist you with learning more about Special Education rules and regulations as you navigate your child’s education. INSOURCE provides local advocates to assist you with the IEP process and teach you how to ensure that your child is receiving appropriate services and through their school placement. Visit their website for more information,



Autism Society of Indiana


Autism Speaks


Down Syndrome Association of Northeast Indiana (DSANI)


United Cerebral Palsy