Early Intervention

Early intervention services are designed to assist babies and toddlers who are demonstrating delays in their development.  Experienced therapists provide direct therapy and family coaching to help your child meet developmental milestones.

Early Intervention

Early intervention most commonly refers to providing services to children from newborn to age three. These first years of a child’s life provide the greatest opportunity for learning and development. To put it in perspective, think about the changes that occur from a dependent newborn to an active toddler. At no other time in our lives do we learn and grow at such a rapid pace.

Every child grows and develops at his or her own rate. Sometimes, additional help is needed to assist your child with reaching developmental milestones. The earlier a challenge is addressed, the better the future success for your child. Early intervention services provided by PNE include First Steps, outpatient therapy and ABA Therapy.

First Steps

First Steps is the name of Indiana’s early intervention program for children from birth to age three who are at risk for or demonstrate delayed development, regardless of income. Our team of specialized therapists provide services in your home, daycare, and other community settings. Learning activities provided will be fun and play-based, while focused on the goals you have set for your child. Therapists will support and coach you, as parents and caregivers, to create teachable moments in daily routines and activities.

Referrals to First Steps

Families are encouraged to request a free evaluation if you, your child’s physician, or others have concerns that your child may not be reaching developmental milestones at the targeted age. Please visit the Developmental Checklist on this site if you have questions about the need to make a referral. Visit the First Steps website https://indianafirststeps.org/ or call (260) 444-2994 to refer your child for an evaluation and additional program information. PNE therapists would love to provide First Steps services to your family. 

We serve the following counties in Northeast Indiana:

  • Adams

  • Allen

  • Dekalb

  • Elkhart

  • Huntington

  • LaGrange

  • Noble

  • Steuben

  • Wells

  • Whitley

First Steps Services

Possibilities Northeast therapists have been specializing in early intervention since 2001, serving over 1000 children per year. Our therapists would love to provide the following First Steps services to you and your child.

  • Developmental Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Physical Therapy
  • Speech Therapy

Additional services available through First Steps include nutrition, psychology, social work, and vision.

Autism Services/ABA Therapy

Early intervention for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) is critical. Research indicates that children with ASD receiving services at a young age are more likely to have successful outcomes. PNE has a strong history of providing early intervention services and has developed an ABA program that is developmentally based, providing opportunities for learning through play and social activities. Children as young as two years of age participate in both individual and group activities designed exclusively to meet his/her needs.

An individualized plan is created for each child that focuses on communication, cognitive/readiness skills, social skills, functional skills, motor skills, and behavior. Children work on these skills in a 1:1 setting with our Registered Behavior Therapists. The amount of time a child spends in ABA is determined by the child’s needs, parent’s preference, and insurance approval. Typical attendance is from 10 – 40 hours per week at one of our facilities. In-home services may be available depending on your insurance coverage and our staff availability. Children enrolled in our ABA program may also receive speech, occupational and/or physical therapy during their day. For additional information, visit our autism services page.

Outpatient Therapy

Early intervention outpatient therapy services are available at PNE for children who do not meet eligibility for First Steps, choose not to participate in the First Steps program, or would benefit from additional therapies to supplement First Steps services. Many families opt to continue with outpatient therapy after their child ages out of the First Steps program. Outpatient therapies include speech, occupational and physical therapy. Outpatient therapy is provided in one of our facilities. For additional information, visit the Outpatient Therapy.