About Us

We provide early intervention/pediatric therapies to children in Northeast Indiana since 2001. Our services include Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA/Autism Services), Occupational, Speech, Developmental, Physical and Feeding therapies.

Who are we?

Starting in 2001, Possibilities Northeast has grown into the largest provider of early intervention services in Indiana with a current multi-disciplinary team of over 70 pediatric specialists. Our services reach hundreds of children in over 25 counties. Every member of our team of providers is dedicated to serving children and families. We recognize the unique differences in each child and require all team members to participate in opportunities to learn new and innovative techniques for assisting children with reaching developmental

First Steps Early Intervention

Indiana’s early intervention program, First Steps, provides therapy services for Children from birth to age three who exhibit developmental delays. Evaluations are completed by trained professionals at no cost to the family, regardless of income. Children determined eligible for the program will receive ongoing services based on the recommendation of the childs team which includes; the parent/guardian, Service Coordinator, Therapists and Physician. All First Steps services are provided in the natural environment, i.e. home, daycare or other community setting in which the child routinely participates.

Why Possibilities Northeast?

Our unique program combines the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), speech, occupational, physical and feeding therapy to develop core skills to maximize the success of each child.  This includes providing 1:1 services in our facility, home, and community settings.  Our goal is to equip children and families with the tools needed to overcome barriers and challenges in daily life.  This may include facilitating a trip to the grocery store, recreational facility or other locations that part of your family’s natural routine*.