Aquatic Therapy

Possibilities Northeast is pleased to be one of the few providers of aquatic therapy in northeast Indiana.  Physical and Occupational Therapists provide aquatic therapy in our warm water therapy pool.  Aquatic therapy facilitates muscle relaxation, movement, strengthening, and fun! 

Making a Splash

Every child grows and develops at his or her own pace. Sometimes, additional help is needed in order for your child to reach developmental milestones. The earlier a challenge is addressed, the better the future success for your child.

PNE is pleased to be one of the few providers of pediatric aquatic therapy in Northeast Indiana. Using the buoyancy, resistance and sensory input provided by the water, Physical and Occupational Therapists provide play-based activities to improve functional movement, strength, muscle relaxation, and body awareness. Additional benefits include increased communication skills, following directions, improving/initiating eye contact, and social interaction. Aquatic therapy sessions take place at neighborhood YMCA’s.

Would My Child Benefit from Aquatic Therapy?

Children with the following issues or concerns may benefit from aquatic therapy at PNE:

If you have concerns or feel your child would benefit from physical therapy, please contact our office to schedule an evaluation for your child.

If your child is between the ages of birth to three, our therapists would be happy to provide services in your home or daycare through Indiana’s First Steps program. Please visit the First Steps website or call (260) 444-2994 to refer your child for a free evaluation. Outpatient therapy at PNE is also available for children in this age group, if preferred.

Find out if your child is on target to meet milestones: