Outpatient Therapy

At PNE, our goal is to provide outstanding therapy designed to help your child thrive in their world.

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All children are full of possibilities!

At PNE, our goal is to provide outstanding therapy designed to help your child thrive in their world.

What to expect when participating in services at PNE:

  • Therapy designed to assist you and your child with completing daily routines, participating in family activities, play with peers, transition to new situations, etc.
  • Experienced pediatric therapists providing your child with quality services.
  • Collaboration among your child’s team of therapists.
  • Access to administrators and billing personnel to assist with any needs.
  • Assistance with connecting you and your family to additional services and supports.
  • Supporting and working with school or other programs to provide continuity of treatment.
  • Parents and caregivers are a welcome and integral part of our therapy sessions. Families are encouraged to speak with their therapist(s) if there is a specific activity or skill you desire for your child to achieve.

Find out if your child is on target to meet milestones:

What we offer

It is our joy to celebrate every
accomplishment with you and your child.

If you have any questions about any of our outpatient therapy services, please feel free to get in contact with us.


Feeding Therapy

By using a multidisciplinary approach (primarily speech and/or occupational therapists), our goal is to achieve functional feeding and optimal nutrition.  We serve children with feeding impairments due to medical, oral motor, developmental and behavioral issues. 

Stuttering girl and speech therapist doing exercises

Speech and Language Therapy

The ability to communicate effectively is essential for social growth, learning and behavior management.  Speech-Language Therapists provide children with the tools needed to become effective communicators.  Working as a team, the family and therapist will develop an individualized intervention plan designed to provide a successful experience for the child.


Occupational Therapy

Children who participate in occupational therapy receive assistance in self-regulation, fine motor, sensory integration, and self-help skills.  Occupational therapists utilize a variety of methods to make sessions fun and functional.  


Aquatic Therapy

Possibilities Northeast is pleased to be one of the few providers of aquatic therapy in northeast Indiana.  Physical and Occupational Therapists provide aquatic therapy in our warm water therapy pool.  Aquatic therapy facilitates muscle relaxation, movement, strengthening, and fun! 


Sensory Integration Therapy

The ability to understand and coordinate our senses helps us organize our world and build a strong foundation for learning. Difficulty with sensory input may affect behavior, learning, social skills, motor skills and life skills.


Physical Therapy

Physical Therapists assist the child with developing skills that will enable them to navigate their environment.  This includes the ability to participate in family activities, self-care, social activities and games with peers, etc. to the maximum extent possible.  Our physical therapists work closely with area orthotic and equipment providers as needed to assist the child with mobility and daily function.  

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