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Our mission is to equip children & families with the tools needed to overcome barriers & challenges in daily life

Possibilities Northeast was established in 2001 to provide early intervention services throughout Northeast Indiana.  Since that time, we have expanded the reach of our expertise in working with young children to include outpatient therapies and ABA/autism services.  Utilizing a developmental approach throughout all programs, our team of therapists is dedicated to serving the unique differences of children and families.


Everyday Counseling is a pediatric outpatient mental health practice with 15 years of experience specializing in providing compassionate care to children and adolescents aged 4-18 years old.  

Immediate openings for counseling services available.  Call 260-471-8141 for more information.

A unique program

Why Possibilities Northeast?

Possibilities Northeast is a dedicated team of skilled pediatric professionals committed to providing outstanding services. At PNE, our goal is to provide your child with meaningful and purposeful services designed to help your child thrive.


“Our experience with early childhood therapy services with PNE were outstanding! We were given excellent guidance on how to build skills and further development as a team with our therapists. The therapists were great at answering questions and giving ideas of how to continue working with our child at home.”
Parent, Lindsie

1:1 Services

Our team provides outstanding, individualized services to help your child learn and grow.

Family involvement

We understand that families may be apprehensive or unfamiliar with this new journey. Whether by providing education, resources, advocating, or assisting with insurance and funding, our team is here to help.

Supportive Staff

All of our staff is certified and professionally trained. More importantly, our staff understands how to be supportive.

Accepts most insurance

We have good news! We accept most private health insurances and Medicaid plans. Our experienced staff will work with you to determine coverage and provide resources for financial assistance, if needed.

First Steps

Early Intervention

Early intervention most commonly refers to providing services to children from newborn to age three. These first years of a child’s life provide the greatest opportunity for learning and development. Sometimes, additional help is needed to assist your child with reaching developmental milestones. The earlier a challenge is addressed, the better the future success for your child. Possibilities Northeast partners with Indiana’s First Steps program to provide in-home early intervention services to your child. Our service area covers most Northeast Indiana counties.

Comprehensive Treatment

Autism Services

Our unique program combines the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), speech, occupational, physical, and feeding therapy to develop core skills to maximize the success of each child. The PNE program is specifically designed for young children, based on the principals of developmental learning. Children participate in age typical activities such as circle time, learning through play, outdoor recreation, and special activities. Our goal is that through 1:1 services, children and families will be equipped to overcome barriers and challenges in daily life

Outpatient therapy

Outpatient Therapy

At Possibilities Northeast our goal is to provide outstanding therapy designed to help your child thrive in their world. We are dedicated to creating a place where services happen in a meaningful and purposeful way. Experienced therapists work collaboratively with caregivers and medical personnel to design services that meet the unique needs of your child and family. In addition to occupational, physical and speech therapies, Possibilities Northeast offers an outstanding feeding clinic and is one of the only pediatric therapy groups in the region that provides aquatic therapy.

Our therapy dog

Meet Harry

Harry is perhaps our most popular employee here at Possibilities Northeast. Harry comes to us as a facility dog provided by Canine Companions for Independence ®. His handler is occupational therapist, Cassie Morris. Harry has been training for this job since he was a puppy and came to us knowing about 40 commands. Harry serves as a source of comfort, motivation, and fun for our clients. He is no stranger to being dressed up, demonstrating how to draw shapes, or giving a good old fashioned handshake.

For more information about Canine Companions for Independence ® and the work they do, please visit their website at the link below.

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For more information about us and our programs, services and events, contact the Fort Wayne Possibilities Northeast (PNE) office today!

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